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Hydrographic Services

The Hydrographic Survey Services Unit is a key unit of the Department and is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring coastal features of the entire Nigerian waters. Coastal features from natural effects such as shoals to man-made effects such as wrecks and derelicts. The Unit in collaboration with other stakeholders has been engaged in the collation of safety-related information as well as in the dissemination of same. Its functions and accruable deliverables are vital to the enhancement of safety of navigation in Nigerian waters…


The Hydrographic Survey Services Unit has made the following achievements amongst others: 

  1. Design and Supervision of Pre-Dredging Feasibility Studies of Kirikiri Creek (NMRDC Waterfront).
  2. Preliminary Aspects of Chart Digitization (Charts of Lagos Waters).
  3. Design and Supervision Feasibilities for ARGO Float Deployment in Nigerian Waters.
  4. Initial Aspects of MSI Portal Infrastructure.
  5. Implementation of Initial Quarterly MSI Collation Programme.
  6. Interface with the East Atlantic Hydrographic Commission (EAtHC) for Structured Regional Hydrographic Development.
  7. Interface with the Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Office.
  8. Design and Supervision of Investigative Surveys for Dynamic Seabed (Calabar Channel).
  9. In-House Capacity Development in Survey Recording.
  10. Position Marking of the Lagos Channel Moles.
  11. Recce Surveys for Benchmark Recovery for Triangulation Stations in Nigeria.
  12. Programme for the Establishment of Hydrographic Outreach Stations at the Zones