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Organizational Structure

The Agency is structured into 3 (three) Directorates. Each directorate is under the leadership an Executive Director. Each Directorate has two or more Departments, headed by a Director. In general, there are 8 (eight) Departments reporting to the EDs and 9 (nine) Departments/Units reporting to the Director-General/CEO.

Owing to the operational nature of the Agency’s functions, it also operates a Zonal structure to facilitate effective coordination of its activities in the four (4) principal maritime zones of the country (Nigeria).

The zones and their respective headquarters are:

Western Zone – Lagos
Central Zone –Warri
Eastern Zone – Port Harcourt
Northern Zone – Abuja

Head Office in Lagos and its principal operations in Apapa (Lagos), Warri, Sapele, Port Harcourt, Onne, Bonny, Yenagoa, Eket, Calabar, Abuja and Lokoja.

The Agency Organogram